Our Plans to Enable More People With Community Voting Systems

With the confidence gained in our well developed system over recent years, we are now actively choosing to enable more communities and to further improve our systems and advance together.

We will initially contact other Australian councillors, however we will then also more actively share our systems abroad and with other government agencies as well as not-for-profit and commercial organisations who also want to inform, enable and consider their stakeholders.

As we progress further, we will share more sense of each approach including our expressed reasoning and their decisions, and we may enable some more web-functionality here to welcome suggested approaches and signatures from specific community stakeholders on request letters.

We know that many community representatives already want to enable their communities, and we recognise that such request letters including stakeholder signatures can support such representatives with raising such community considerations and approving such advancements.

Democracy enables us all to live more freely with more advanced consideration of everyone, and we are responsible for advancing democracy.



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