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Community Heart Shape

We enable communities to see Projects, Polls and Policies, ask questions and clarify preferences.

Each system is very customisable, with the colours, logo, heading and web-address etc, and the ability to enable or disable available sections including Projects, Polls and Policies.

The registration process can either require admin to first approve each registration manually or approve most registrations automatically by matching details with a database of constituents, or admin can enable instant registration and participation with easy ability to review activity and suspend any suspicious accounts retrospectively including comments and votes etc.

Live Community Voting Systems

Gabba ward

Brisbane, Gabba

Community Voting Systems was originally created in 2016, to support Cr Jonathan Sri's desire to better include, consider and represent all of the Gabba community. Recently we've upgraded this system to enable preferential voting and to enable public viewing of any community voting changes in real-time without needing to refresh pages.

Morningside ward 2

Brisbane, Morningside

With recent advancements to Community Voting Systems, and proven performance over recent years with the Gabba, Cr Kara Cook decided in 2021 to also enable the Morningside community with a clearer sense of community development options and with live-voting ability, enabling her to better include, consider and represent all of her constituents.


"This development crew are passionate, responsive, and excellent problem-solvers. We explored several different online engagement platforms before settling on their system. We like them because they’re an independent business with great customer service, because they have solid ethics in terms of transparency and data privacy, and because they offered the specific participatory budgeting and preferential voting options we needed."
Cr Jonathan Sri
(Australian Greens Party)
"I’m impressed with how quickly Community Voting Systems was configured for us, and with the friendly, professional and proficient support being provided.

As well as enabling us to better inform and consider community preferences, the system also clarifies which decisions are in alignment with the majority of community preferences.”
Cr Kara Cook
(Australian Labor Party)

Questions and Answers

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Yes, other than the publily displayed information such as constituant names next to comments, all personal information is confidentially encrypted on a secured web server for use only by the admin accounts created for community-leaders (clients), and by admin-authorised representatives.

Admin and representative accounts may see and export the profile information of all account creators, including contact details, join date, recent sign-in date and IP address etc, however may not view the individual votes of any account creators so as to honor standard voter-confidentiality.

Our Service Level Agreement provides more sense of of our intentions and implemented processes to secure and safeguard personal data.

We can configure and customise a securely hosted system and have it ready for live access within 5 business days. Some customers do require more time though to view and sign our Service Level Agreement, to provide required data and to process invoices before public launch.

The cost depends on a few factors such as the level of customisation, what sections are enabled for community inclusion, and web-traffic, with standard pricing for existing options ranging from AU$1,320 to AU$4,620 per year including GST, managed hosting and system support.

After referring three active communities of similar or larger size, or equivalent smaller communities, we can afford to provide you with free hosting and support, otherwise we can provide partial discounts for fewer than three equivalent active referrals.

No that is not necessary as we can configure and host the system and you can just access and share a custom webpage address we provide.

If you do have access to your website domain and server, then we can also support more of a seamless experience with a new navigation tab on your website’s primary menu and you can use a domain of your choice e.g. “”

Yes, Community Voting System has recently been upgraded to enable preferential voting on polls and to show all changes to voting data in realtime without requiring any webpage refreshing. Further upgrades are already planned for our next system development budget cycle.

If any communities desire specific system developments sooner then we are happy to accellerate such upgrades at a web-development costs of $70/hr so long as you are happy for such developments to be shared with any communities being enabled with our Community Voting Systems.

System web-development is being performed by a professional team at Websight Creative Pty Ltd, based on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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