How The Web is Enabling More Inclusion and Consideration

It can seem like having internet access is so normal now days, as if perhaps it has reached maturity, however it is still young, and brilliant!

The internet became available about 30 years ago, with more mainstream adoption occurring over the recent decade with always-connected broadband and wireless technologies making web access far more practical and easier than previous decades using expensive dial-up etc.

The internet now enables us in ways that would have seemed far-reached and magical not long ago, enabling us to, among other marvels:

  • Share written or recorded messages with anyone around the world within seconds rather than days or weeks, and to share so much more than before with face-to-face video calls and ability to include links to any online articles and videos etc.
  • Broadcast news to groups of subscribers with a click rather than requiring an expensive printing-press and dissemination-network.
  • Enable and empower more of our networks with clearer access and ability to contribute wisdom and preferences etc, and to advance better together with easier community consideration and collaboration with more sense of real inclusion and practical responsibility.

At its core, the internet enables us to share and access information anywhere with advancing ease and newly developed functional-ability.

The internet enables community leaders to share information and potentials with community stakeholders, with the information being updatable and easy to view anytime from anywhere, AND enables community stakeholders to contribute questions, wisdom and their preferences! Wow! Right? What marvellous abilities the internet and creative web development makes possible, abilities still very recently considered super-human.

Thanks to the creative open-source communities and contributors, as well as improving communication standards, online life-enabling systems are also becoming easier to develop and maintain and even cloud-based systems can be created without needing million$ to advance. Namaste!

While the internet is already enabling so many with newfound communication and creative abilities, social media platforms have obviously been given more development attention than inclusive community voting systems. Almost everyone with a smart phone has accessed and contributed to social media, however accessing and contributing to community development potentials is relatively new and super enabling.

We are consciously proud and very grateful to be supporting and advancing the communication and co-creative abilities of community leaders and other stakeholders who are wanting to share more sense of community development potentials, considerations and community preferences.



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